[Dev] Interactables and randomization

Hi there,

This week I started off optimizing and expanding our random spawn system. The system now works as it should. There is one spawnpoint actor that you can place in the world. All that’s needed is to select which type of object it should spawn. Everything else is managed by the Spawner. The spawner finds and collects every spawnpoint on runtime and populates it with one of many suitable objects for each particular spawn type.


The spawner also has several parameters you can use to set the maximum amount of duplicates of certain types of objects.


You can easily add new object to the 3 pre-made catgegories. Or you can of course add an entirely new category with a new icon.

Then I started working on our interactable system. Which is basically a modular expandable database of interactable objects. Every object we will make will inherit from a parent “interactable” class which provides some crucial parameters. And then each object can do what it needs to do seperate from that.

As you can see below a light switch only works when the right generator is providing electricity. This is all managed by our “Level database actor” which detects when an object has been activated or when the player is trying to activate one it will check if the right conditions are met.


The player and HUD have also been updated to detect what object the player is looking at and depending on how far the player is from it he is now able to activate or deactivate it using “E”. We already have a couple interactable objects in our map and a small house in which you spawn each time you play the game. The position of the house is of course also randomized using the system I made. You can also spawn random objects within the randomly spawned buildings using child actors (random-ception!).


We want each playthrough of our game to provide a completely different experience. So it’s very important that our systems for this are modular and future proof. So I took a lot of time to optimize it as much as possible. And I’m still tweaking it as we go. This also makes it extremely easy and fast to create new interactables and objects.

I’ve also added several character effects. Such as weapon sway.


Footstep sounds that are perfectly synchronized with the run and walking animations. Using animation notifications.

Every footstep sound you hear is one of 5 random footstep sounds. Again randomization is key!

And camera shake effects when running and getting hit and …

I’ve also made several small placeholder and WIP models such as a radio tower, house, power cabin, generator and lamps.

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[Art / Dev] Gameplay and hands

Hello there!

This week I have spent a lot of time working on all kinds of stuff.

I’ve added several effects and sounds like shooting, walking, running, hitting a drone, drone hover sound, drone laser, ambient sound, …. All to add more atmosphere to the game.

Secondly, I have added tons of gameplay features. Such as killing, dying, collecting, drones can now fire a laser and HUd elements to indicate health, collected items, death screen, camera shake effects, blood when damaged and more!

I have also worked on the first person hand models. Made several animations and implemented everything in unreal. The animations still have to be blended and the weapons are currently placeholders. But the big framework is all done. All that is left now is to make the weapons look nice and add more of them and add new animtions.


Then I have also started work on a random spawn system for every object in our game. Depending on the object type (Hot spot, weapon, enemy, tool, collectable,… ) they will all spawn in one of hundreds of random locations. Hereby creating a completely different game experience each time the map is generated.


I have also add several visual indicators for the editor we work in. Such as path node direction and links that give a very clean way to see which paths we have in our map.


It’s been an extremely busy week for the game. But with some great results.

That’s all for now. 🙂

[ART] Map decorating


This week I created some more foliage models for our forest scene as you can see in the image below.


I also started our final map with scenery.

The level size at the moment is pretty small but big enough for a demonstration of our game play.

Here’s how it looks in game.




Apart from that I created a map overview of our game with the different biomes.

The little area in the middle Shows how big our playable area it at the moment.

The black lines represents a railway.


And here’s what it looks like in game.


Christophe Degraeve

[Art] Hands Update 2


This week I have been working further on the hand model. So far it’s rigged and skinned. I only need to add one more bone to the thumb to give it just a tad more movability. Now I’m working on the under arm and upper arm. Then I will have to create a mirrored version for the second hand which will also have a digital watch. After that it will be time to unwrap and texture it with some small baked details using Zbrush and substance painter.

Here is a simple quick test animation. Note though, that it’s all still very much work in progress!!


[ART] Modular rock.


I created a rock model for our forest scene since apart from the trees, rocks are the most important scenery props in our game because you can hide behind them.

As with the trees, this rock comes with a custom collision box for being able to climb them and protect yourself from enemy fire.

Below are some shots of the model and in-game.

model in 3ds max.


Multiple rock inside each other in-game.


I also started a google spread sheet where we can keep track of our progress.

This spread sheet can be found under media.

Christophe Degraeve

[Gameplay] Playtesting

This week we have done A LOT of play testing. Our devs built a multiplayer prototype so that we can imitate AI behavior ourselves. This thought us a lot about our current gameplay. We were also able to come to a conclusion of how our drones will behave around the player and the environment. Running speed, forrest size, drone speed and aggressiveness and much more now all have values. We can now start building our AI around these values and behavior.

Next week we will migrate our prototype to an actual forrest level. We will then replace the player controlled drones to artificial ones and do a lot more play testing to get our gameplay just right.

After that we will move on to production and implementing the gathering and survival elements.

Stay tuned!