[ART] Texturing and decorating


The final deadline is coming up so I finished all of the block-out models that were still laying around.

Here are some screen shots of the progress.

First I created some container props which can be looted as well.


Then I made some decorative items to fill out the empty spaces.


Here you can see the new interior models and textures of the starter location (log cabin).

You can also see that all of the furniture has been textured and I personally think it looks quite cosy.6e1d23fea5d62fb497ce4ea5b5874f75

The cabin is built up out of logs, planks and roof tiles (created by Gaetan Thibaut)36ab17588741f697f167b9886745c069


Christophe Degraeve

[ART] Props, animations, particles

Hi there,

last week there was a play sesion. we where very busy preparing a demo for the group. What i made in the last 2 weeks was a whole assortment of blockout props, particles and a big change to the drone, including animations.

bottem pic is a example of 2 blockout weapons.


[ART] Swamp detailing and new style.


I figured I’d start with detailing the swamp area first since we have a lot of cool plans for it, like first of all, its going to be a toxic waste place with some venomous plants.

You’re also going to need a gas mask of some sorts to traverse the area because of the toxic air.

We we’re also thinking of making the water glow but we’re not out of it yet.

Anyway here are some screen shots of the process.


Here you can see the style is more simplified then before, the reason for this is that we can make more content in a shorter time span and will have more stuff for you all to play around with in the long run.

also not everything has been simplified yet, like the tree leaves and shrubs, etc…

Right now the tree barks and the rocks look a bit plain and boring but we will add a simplified pattern or grunge map on top of if to give them more detail and will also give them a roughness map with some sparkles for some extra effect.


Christophe Degraeve

[ART] Adding Detail.


For this weeks deadline I focused on content and detail.

As you can see from the images below I have added a lot more small foliage like a new plant, fern, way better looking grass, flowers, mushrooms, shrubbery, pebbles and more.

Forest view 1.


Forest view 2.


Cartoony round shaped bushes.


Ground clutter.


Ivy on rocks to add more overgrown feeling.


New LOD billboards for all trees.


Intractable mushroom for hunger.


Intractable Rabbit meat for hunger.


Christophe Degraeve

[ART] Complete level blockout and new sub-biome.


I have created another sub-biome called the dark woods which will reside mostly around the lake area.

there are some smaller patches of darkwood trees scattered around the edge of the map, where the mountains are to make the map look more as a whole rather than 5 different sections of biomes.

Here are some screenshots of the map overview.


Here you can see that this type of biome keeps the trees more in clusters rather then spearding them out evenly.34ef1fd59ad32a5859ef397ca1b3510c4f93a40f2db493fa3f88fd5aa853be9f

Also as a refresher I recreated the layout of our map since a lot of changes were made.



Christophe Degraeve

[ART] Atmosphere and lighting


In this quick update I tweaked the atmospheric fog and lighting settings, like colours, sun angle, etc. …

This was necessary for our day and night cycle.

There are now 3 map variants: one for daytime, one for evening and one for night,(I will make one for morning ass well later on).

These values will be brought over into the main map and our day/night cycle blueprint will then use these values when it fades between the different stages of the day.



EVENING / MORNINGevening1evening2


As you may have noticed, the distant mountains now have a texture and I added a ravine model as well.

Here’s a screenshot of the models.


Christophe Degraeve

[ART] another big map update.


Since the redwood biome wasn’t finished yet I decided to finish it first before working on new tree models.

Now there’s a lot more difference in height and there is a mountainous area around the playable area now which acts as a sky box to give the player the illusion that the map is a lot bigger than it actually is, to give it more immersion.

Below are some screen shots of the new map.


Of coarse these screen shots are taken with no LOD models yet and to be honest, it still runs quite smooth in game .

Also the distant mountains are up scaled rock models to serve as a block-out for where the height maps will come.

Here’s a top down view of our in game map with some highlighted areas of parts that still need some work.map-update01


I added LOD planes for all of the trees  and made a mountain model for our backgrounds to replace those over scaled rock models from before.

Below is a screenshot of the LOD models and the mountains.




Christophe Degraeve

[ART] More map parts

Hi all,

This week I have added some more forest scenery to our map.

Now the playable area is double the size of what it was last week.

This also means that the redwood sub biome is almost finished (about 85% done).

Below is a screen shot of an overview of the map so far.


The red represents the old playable area and the blue represents the added content from this week.

Aside from this, I have added some sprites of all our trees and made L.O.D Billboard planes.

It seemed to work at first but on closer inspection I found out that the billboards followed the camera at each their own individual Pivot angle.

So we scrapped them for now.

Christophe Degraeve