[Dev] Prototyping


This week we had to try out some quick AI behaviour, so we made a prototype were we could take control of a drone. This way we could set restrictions on the movement and behaviour our final ai should be.

We came to the conclusion that we wanted 2 types of drones. One that moves randomly around and one that follows a set path. After the drone sees a player he has to wait 1 or 2 seconds before chasing the player. This wait time is a “scan” to identify the player. It gives the player more breathing room to stay hidden.

After the player is found the drone will get more movespeed and will go to +-5m from the player and ten attack with a zap attack.

If the player goes out of the line of sight, the drone will move to the last known position and return to his normal beaviour after 2 seconds (if the player is lost).

Drones can float to a minimum of 1m above the ground to maximum tree height.

The player can shoot the drone, the first shot will stun the drone (circuit malfunction) for 1 or 2 seconds. the second shot will kill the drone.


This was our test for this week and what we’ve learned from it 🙂


Vermeulen Igor


[Dev] Day and Night

Hello everyone!

This week i worked on a custom day and night cycle. Since one of our mechanics rest on the difference between day and night I made the cycle easy adjustable. You can set how long it stays day and how long it stays night (in seconds). Also how long it sunrise and sunset takes (important for us). Secondly we linked this cycle to our shader, which changes the environment in the switch between day and night.

What it looks like in the editor:


Linked to the shader:




Vermeulen Igor

[Dev] Welcome!

Welcome everyone to the blog of our latest project. I’m Igor Vermeulen and I am 1 of the 2 game programmers in the team.

I’m very excited to work with everyone and I hope we can deliver a great experience with our game project. Our game idea can be found in the pitch document that will be linked somewhere on the site (sooner or later). In short our aim is to deliver an immersive horror experience, and I’m really enthusiastic about that. I’ve never done a game in this genre and I’m curious to see how it goes.

We opted to use unreal engine 4 for this project because we feel that our game’s graphical style will be put to it’s fullest use in unreal. This will also be a challenge for me, sine i have never used unreal engine 4 to program something. However, I am very confident that I won’t have a hard time adjusting to this engine.

That’s it for this week!


Vermeulen Igor