[ART] More map parts

Hi all,

This week I have added some more forest scenery to our map.

Now the playable area is double the size of what it was last week.

This also means that the redwood sub biome is almost finished (about 85% done).

Below is a screen shot of an overview of the map so far.


The red represents the old playable area and the blue represents the added content from this week.

Aside from this, I have added some sprites of all our trees and made L.O.D Billboard planes.

It seemed to work at first but on closer inspection I found out that the billboards followed the camera at each their own individual Pivot angle.

So we scrapped them for now.

Christophe Degraeve


[ART] Map decorating


This week I created some more foliage models for our forest scene as you can see in the image below.


I also started our final map with scenery.

The level size at the moment is pretty small but big enough for a demonstration of our game play.

Here’s how it looks in game.




Apart from that I created a map overview of our game with the different biomes.

The little area in the middle Shows how big our playable area it at the moment.

The black lines represents a railway.


And here’s what it looks like in game.


Christophe Degraeve

[ART] Modular rock.


I created a rock model for our forest scene since apart from the trees, rocks are the most important scenery props in our game because you can hide behind them.

As with the trees, this rock comes with a custom collision box for being able to climb them and protect yourself from enemy fire.

Below are some shots of the model and in-game.

model in 3ds max.


Multiple rock inside each other in-game.


I also started a google spread sheet where we can keep track of our progress.

This spread sheet can be found under media.

Christophe Degraeve

[ART] Art – and Tech Document


This week we sat down and talked more in depth of our game mechanics as well as the final style we wanted to achieve for our game.

I wrote this all down in an Art – and Tech document which you can find under Media.

I Also remade my tree model based on our art style.


Here’s a quick mock-up of our game.


You can see that the watch displays your health and stamina.

It will probably also display the time of day if you click the mouse while looking at your watch.

(Inspired by stranded deep).

The drone on the left is the enemy you will encounter during the day.

When night time starts, you will hear a loud distant alarm sound meaning that the enemie drones are being recalled back to their base.

On the right you see some wildlife who will become your enemies during the night.

Christophe Degraeve

[Art] First foliage assets


I have created a small foliage pack containing 6 assets and some ground materials for our game and with those I could already easily create a small scene that looked quite nice.

I also played around with the asset’s materials a bit and ended up with something that began to look really close in terms of the stylised look that we want to achieve.

Below you can see some shots of what it looks like in unreal.


Christophe Degraeve.

[ART] Research


For the first week we had come up with a game concept and we went for a horror style adventure game.

(Details about the gameplay can be found on our trello page).

I have already looked up lots of reference material like forest biomes and wildlife since the setting our game will be primarily in a forest scenery.

Then I brainstormed a little about how our wildlife will change along with the night time

Below you can see some quick mock-ups I made from a deer transformation.


I also created a basic tree model as test along with some grass and dropped those in unreal.

Using the handy foliage brush I was able to create an already fun looking forest scene as seen below.



Christophe Degraeve