[ART] Complete level blockout and new sub-biome.


I have created another sub-biome called the dark woods which will reside mostly around the lake area.

there are some smaller patches of darkwood trees scattered around the edge of the map, where the mountains are to make the map look more as a whole rather than 5 different sections of biomes.

Here are some screenshots of the map overview.


Here you can see that this type of biome keeps the trees more in clusters rather then spearding them out evenly.34ef1fd59ad32a5859ef397ca1b3510c4f93a40f2db493fa3f88fd5aa853be9f

Also as a refresher I recreated the layout of our map since a lot of changes were made.



Christophe Degraeve

[ART] Swamp Blockout

Hi, today I made a block-out of the swamp.

I have made 4 swamp tree variants and I’m very glad with how they turned out.

Here’s a screenshot of them.


And here are some screen shots of the block-out in game.



Size of the swamp compared to her map.2ec419d632245509244172492a38d602

Christophe Degraeve