[Dev] Inventory


Last week I didn’t make a post. So first off let me apologize for that! But this week and last week has been quite busy. I have worked hard on our inventory system. Both in terms of design, management and animations.


I also had to completely overhaul it 2 times. First because it was inconveniant and messy. And secondly to completely redo the logic behind it. The result is that we now have a very clean infrastructure and logic behind the inventory that allows for A LOT of easy updating in the future. Such as adding extra slots, rearranging the existing slots for variations of the inventory system (multiplayer ideas around this).


The inventory has all bells and whistles of a high-end inventory. Meaning, there is drag and drop, swapping, cursor implementation, animations and all sort of safeguards and indicators that prevent the user from breaking the inventory. Which was a lot of work to set up properly. But it’s all working almost flawlessly right now. Of course still a bit of tweaking is required here and there. But it should be pretty much finished.

This means we can now move on to the next phase. Which is creating content. We need props that you can collect, interactable objects such as locks, switches, doors, handles, machines to activate, elevators, … you name it. We have a very big list of stuff we want to create and add to the game. Both in terms of gameplay and cosmetic. Like we want quite a few interactable props that do something cool or fun rather than actually help you. This is important as we want the player to feel like he is actually in a real environment with a backstory.

Next week is very important. As we will be showcasing our game to a group of other people that will play it and give feedback. We want to get as much as possible ready for this event so we can present the players with a good overall picture of our game and what it will become.

Thanks for reading, and once again sorry for a silent week. But not to worry, we haven’t worked on our project any less. In fact we have worked very hard on it, hence why we couldn’t find the time to post last week. But of course that’s no excuse. So next week we will be back with more! Stay tuned.

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