[Dev] They won’t leave me alone

Hey everyone,

Remember when i said that the drones were mostly finished? I lied. After testing we decided to add a few features for our drone. To give more visual feedback to the player. This week I fixed some bugs with the behaviourtree and I added the ablility to destroy the batterypack in the back of a drone. This way stealthy gameplay is encouraged.



Vermeulen Igor

[ART] Props, animations, particles

Hi there,

last week there was a play sesion. we where very busy preparing a demo for the group. What i made in the last 2 weeks was a whole assortment of blockout props, particles and a big change to the drone, including animations.

bottem pic is a example of 2 blockout weapons.


[Dev] Crouching and Content


Last week I added the ability to crouch and started work on being able to hide in bushes.This simply uses a collision box which only blocks an enemy’s vision.

This week , we were finally able to start adding content in a faster way , seeing as most base functionalities are already in place. Melee weapons now just need a simple mesh , they inherit from the melee weapon base and just need a custom mesh , animations are all used by just putting the weapon mesh in the arms socket.

Third and last , ranged weapons are almost fully implemented , with ammo boxes being added to the inventory and correctly adding ammo if you have previously already picked up ammo of the same sort.

Next week we should be adding in 2-handed weapons.

[ART] Swamp detailing and new style.


I figured I’d start with detailing the swamp area first since we have a lot of cool plans for it, like first of all, its going to be a toxic waste place with some venomous plants.

You’re also going to need a gas mask of some sorts to traverse the area because of the toxic air.

We we’re also thinking of making the water glow but we’re not out of it yet.

Anyway here are some screen shots of the process.


Here you can see the style is more simplified then before, the reason for this is that we can make more content in a shorter time span and will have more stuff for you all to play around with in the long run.

also not everything has been simplified yet, like the tree leaves and shrubs, etc…

Right now the tree barks and the rocks look a bit plain and boring but we will add a simplified pattern or grunge map on top of if to give them more detail and will also give them a roughness map with some sparkles for some extra effect.


Christophe Degraeve

[Dev]AI Animation implementation


This week was a “deadline” as other people will play our game. This is why I kept on improving the drone ai instead of starting the wildlife. I implemented animations made by the artists. Also I made it so that the drones can go away when it’s night. Some major gamebreaking bugs were also fixed this week.

I playtested with the ai a lot and it feels pretty good.



Vermeulen Igor


[ART] Adding Detail.


For this weeks deadline I focused on content and detail.

As you can see from the images below I have added a lot more small foliage like a new plant, fern, way better looking grass, flowers, mushrooms, shrubbery, pebbles and more.

Forest view 1.


Forest view 2.


Cartoony round shaped bushes.


Ground clutter.


Ivy on rocks to add more overgrown feeling.


New LOD billboards for all trees.


Intractable mushroom for hunger.


Intractable Rabbit meat for hunger.


Christophe Degraeve

[Dev] Drone is finished (more or less)

Hey everyone!

This week I¬†finished the drones main functions (as I mentioned previous week). Only 1 things is not yet implemented, the disappearing when it’s night. Other then this the drone has all of its functionality and it is pretty hard to shake him off.

However, I do believe the drone will need some slight changes such as a close range (hard hitting) attack. This behavior is already in the tree but it is inactive for now. The further evolution of our game will point out how it will go. I do know 1 more small bug with the drones, but if we would opt for the hard hitting attack, it won’t occur anymore. So I’m going to wait before fixing it (it’s pretty tedious).

Since next week will be the testing of our game by other students, I will help wherever I can to polish everything up. In my spare time I will start with the wildlife AI.

That’s it for this week!


Vermeulen Igor