[Dev]Robots taking over

Hey all,

This week, big surprise, I worked on improving the drones even more. They will now keep better track of the players whereabouts. Also if you come too close they will automatically sense you (they do have a blind spot tho!).

If a drone loses the player it will go to the last known playerposition. If it arrives there it will look around (needs lil bit of tweaking) before going back to its normal behavior.

These changes make the drone feel stickier to the player once they have successfully seen you.

A little bit more info about the drones awareness:


In green we have the drone’s vision. It has an angle of 120 degrees and can see up to a certain amount of units (this was tweaked many times so I don’t remember what the final value was anymore). If the player enters this range, the drone will scan the player for 1.5seconds. If succesful: the drone will chase you. If not: the drone thinks it was just his imagination 😉

In red is the range for automatic detection. When the player enters here the drone’s sensors will automatically sense the player and start to attack him.

In blue we have the blind spot. The player is safe in this area. We may or may not add a way to remove the battery from its back if the player can successfully sneak up behind the drone.

Features I will add for next week are:

  • Making the shootmechanic in behaviourtree. Right now it is in normal blueprints. This causes that it feels random and uncontrolled.
  • Alerted mode: if a drone has seen you it will be in alerted mode. Meaning if the drone loses sight of you it will no longer need to redo his scan when you are in its FOV. It will automatically see you again.
  • making the drones dissapear at night

If time allows me I would like to start on the wildlife AI too.

That’s it for this week!


Vermeulen Igor

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