[ART] another big map update.


Since the redwood biome wasn’t finished yet I decided to finish it first before working on new tree models.

Now there’s a lot more difference in height and there is a mountainous area around the playable area now which acts as a sky box to give the player the illusion that the map is a lot bigger than it actually is, to give it more immersion.

Below are some screen shots of the new map.


Of coarse these screen shots are taken with no LOD models yet and to be honest, it still runs quite smooth in game .

Also the distant mountains are up scaled rock models to serve as a block-out for where the height maps will come.

Here’s a top down view of our in game map with some highlighted areas of parts that still need some work.map-update01


I added LOD planes for all of the trees  and made a mountain model for our backgrounds to replace those over scaled rock models from before.

Below is a screenshot of the LOD models and the mountains.




Christophe Degraeve

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