This week was a big one , everyone stepped it up and put out a lot of work to try and get a solid prototype. I’ll be keeping this short though.

The biggest features i’ve added are the ability to throw rocks to distract the drones and reload functionality for weapons with a correctly working UI.

The rocks are made out of a child class called thrown , this way we can still make other thrown items and implement them pretty easily, because they are completely independent from the character. As soon as the rock overlaps with anything it simply disappears  and distracts the enemy drones in a certain radius.

Reloading is pretty straightforward , there are 3 main values. Clipsize , AmmoInClip and AmmoInBag.

On another note , i have been working with the artist makign teh animations to get them working correctly. As for now i hardcoded a pretty barebones fix to get animations to run decently. We do however still need to get these animations in blendstates so we can cleanly get from 1 to another.




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