[Art] Hands

This week I have started working on the hands for our main character. Since it’s a first person experience we are making, it’s important to have good looking hand models. The model is now finished, it still needs a little bit of tweaking and then it needs to be rigged and animated. There will be a lot of “stuff” you can pick up and hold in your hands so there is much work to do!

Here is a preview:




[ART] Art – and Tech Document


This week we sat down and talked more in depth of our game mechanics as well as the final style we wanted to achieve for our game.

I wrote this all down in an Art – and Tech document which you can find under Media.

I Also remade my tree model based on our art style.


Here’s a quick mock-up of our game.


You can see that the watch displays your health and stamina.

It will probably also display the time of day if you click the mouse while looking at your watch.

(Inspired by stranded deep).

The drone on the left is the enemy you will encounter during the day.

When night time starts, you will hear a loud distant alarm sound meaning that the enemie drones are being recalled back to their base.

On the right you see some wildlife who will become your enemies during the night.

Christophe Degraeve

[ART] Foliage


This week I have been working on ground level foliage.Such as clovers and ferns.

We really want the forest in our game to feel like a living breathing biome. This means we want a lot of detail and variation in our flora. We want there to be both a vast variety in foliage, subtle and major differences. We will have sub-biomes, such as a swamp, dry part (from a burning fire), waterside,… All these areas need to give the player the feeling the forest is actually affected by the weather, humidity and external forces.


[DEV] First Person Basics


I’m Daan , the second programmer. I started work on the basic first person mechanics.

We wanted a semi-realistic firing mechanism with ADS implemented , I started on this and we already have basic weapon functionality , ADS also works , but there is however still a small bug with camera movement in ADS. Except for some small bugfixes , this is as good as ready.


[Dev] Day and Night

Hello everyone!

This week i worked on a custom day and night cycle. Since one of our mechanics rest on the difference between day and night I made the cycle easy adjustable. You can set how long it stays day and how long it stays night (in seconds). Also how long it sunrise and sunset takes (important for us). Secondly we linked this cycle to our shader, which changes the environment in the switch between day and night.

What it looks like in the editor:


Linked to the shader:




Vermeulen Igor

[Art] First foliage assets


I have created a small foliage pack containing 6 assets and some ground materials for our game and with those I could already easily create a small scene that looked quite nice.

I also played around with the asset’s materials a bit and ended up with something that began to look really close in terms of the stylised look that we want to achieve.

Below you can see some shots of what it looks like in unreal.


Christophe Degraeve.