[Dev] Unreal engine 4 and repositories, do’s and dont’s

We decided on using Unreal engine 4 because it would suit our game a lot more then Unity. However , we didn’t have any experience with using mercurial repositories and UE4 yet , so we went in blind.

Needless to say , after 1-2 weeks it felt like crashing into a brick wall.We hadn’t been paying attention to our bucket size , and suddenly it had grown to over 2gig , which is a problem , as bitbucket doesn’t allow repositories bigger then 2gig.

When i noticed that my pushes didn’t want to go through anymore , i decided to investigate and i came to the conclusion pretty fast that this wouldn’t be as easy a fix as you would think it to be. You can’t simply delete files and fix your repository in a further push , as you can not push anymore changes , the only option is to go “backwards” in time and fix your repository in an earlier not-yet-broken commit.

I managed to get our current push to around 50mb in size. However , bitbucket still does not allow this push to go through as we have exceeded 2gb , I fear we will have to start anew with a fresh repository , as i do not know how to revert these pushes.

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