[ART] Art – and Tech Document


This week we sat down and talked more in depth of our game mechanics as well as the final style we wanted to achieve for our game.

I wrote this all down in an Art – and Tech document which you can find under Media.

I Also remade my tree model based on our art style.


Here’s a quick mock-up of our game.


You can see that the watch displays your health and stamina.

It will probably also display the time of day if you click the mouse while looking at your watch.

(Inspired by stranded deep).

The drone on the left is the enemy you will encounter during the day.

When night time starts, you will hear a loud distant alarm sound meaning that the enemie drones are being recalled back to their base.

On the right you see some wildlife who will become your enemies during the night.

Christophe Degraeve

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